Adoption Handbook

Congratulations on adopting your newest 4-legged family member and thank you for choosing to adopt from LOVEPAWS! We’ve created our Adoption Handbook below for our adopters to access these various resources easily at any time! If there’s something you need that you can’t find here, just email us at!

                                                             UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEW DOG & SETTING IT UP FOR SUCCESS

A two-week decompression/shut down period is critical for setting your new dog up for success in its home! It establishes a new routine in a new environment surrounded by new people, animals, sounds, sights and scents. Check out this great video on how to implement the two-week decompression: 


LOVEPAWS trainer June Orsillo with Mission Brominator in the list is located in PG County.  She offers a lifetime training guarantee.


Low-Cost Medical Resources (i.e., spay/neuter, vaccines):

Veterinary Services: Check out our vet partners at the bottom of our home page!

Assistance with Emergency Vet Bills: