Rehoming & Behavioral Assistance

Our mission is to keep pets in homes and out of shelters. We accomplish this through our pet pantry and by offering our rehoming service and behavioral assistance to owners in need of help in partnership with our dog trainer and community outreach partner, Mission Brominator

Re-homing Assistance for Dogs & Cats (NOTE: WE CURRENTLY HAVE A 8-10 WEEK WAITLIST FOR ALL RE-HOMINGS)

We offer re-homing assistance to pet owners who are willing to keep their pet in their home while we help search for a new home for the pet, keeping it out of the shelter altogether (where it will likely be euthanized to make more space for new animals entering the shelter). We use the same screening process for applicants for animals in need of re-homing as we do for the animals in our rescue to ensure they are going to safe, loving homes that have the means to care for a pet. 

Behavioral Assistance for Dog Owners

In addition to our re-homing service, we offer  behavioral assistance and training for dog owners dealing with behavioral issues or hard to walk dogs with our trainer at Mission Brominator. We  provide this invaluable service to pet owners in our community to keep dogs out of our local overcrowded shelters that are euthanizing just for space. Our trainer will provide insight into why your dog is behaving the way it is and guidance and/or training on how to handle your dog to avoid unwanted behaviors. We’ve been told by our foster families and adopters time and again that this guidance results in them feeling incredibly empowered and confident that they can manage their dog in various circumstances. They have a better understanding of how to “read” their dog and respond effectively.  

Behavioral Assistance for Cat Owners

For cat owners dealing with behavioral issues, we highly recommend Certified Animal Behaviorist Mary Huntsberry at Helping Pets Behave. She uses a science-based approach to solving behavior problems. We have used her for cats in our rescue. Mary works with both dogs and cats.

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Due to the high volume of re-homing requests, our waitlist is currently 8-10  weeks. We will work with you on finding solutions to keeping your pet in your home before we decide to re-home your pet. 

If you need to re-home your pet sooner than that, please reach out to Laila’s Legacy or PB Proud. They provide assistance to pet owners in Prince George’s County.


If you want us to help you re-home your pet while your pet remains in your care, please note the following:

  • Re-homing is a last resort for us, because pets belong in their homes with their families. Sometimes providing different types of help to their owners can accomplish that, like supplies or training assistance. We will work with you on finding solutions to keeping your pet in your home before we decide to re-home your pet. 
  • We are currently being inundated with re-homing requests and have to be selective as to which pets we are able to help re-home now versus placing them on a waitlist. 
  • The re-homing process can take months. It depends on many factors including current adoption demand and  how specific a home your pet needs/ how adoptable your pet is.
  • The process requires daily communication between us and the pet owner so if an owner does not respond to our contact within 48 hours at any point in the process, we will remove their pet from our re-homing listing. Potential adopters need quick responses from us – the longer we take to reach out to them, the more likely they will adopt elsewhere.  This is the reason behind out 48 hour requirement.
  • We require excellent pictures and videos of your pet to help re-home them.
  • We require vet records be sent to us.
  • Your pet must be spayed/neutered, up to date on rabies, test negative for heart worm and tick-borne diseases (4DX test) before we proceed with the rehoming process.

If you are able to meet these criteria, please fill out the animal information collection form below and we will get back to you within 5-7 business days. We are an all-volunteer based rescue, so it may take longer.

Note: Completing the form does not guarantee re-homing assistance. We can only assist in re-homing pets we feel are medically and behaviorally adoptable.   


SUBMITTING INFO: If you decide to re-home your pet, we will ask you for pics, vids, a description/profile and all vet records for your pet. We use this information to post your pet on our website.

PROCESSING APPLICATIONS: If we receive adoption applications for your pet, we will complete a thorough review of any adoption applications we receive for your pet, share applications with you, and work with you on selecting a new home for your pet.

MEET AND GREETS: If we approve an application, we will reach out to you to schedule a meet and greet with the applicant. (LOVEPAWS will no longer help re-home your pet if you deny more than one approved adopter. Note: The owner is responsible for getting their pet to all meet and greets. )

FINAL STEPS: We will offer wording for a private contract between you and the adopter if you choose.

It is the adopter’s decision as to whether they wish to have you keep in touch with your pet(s) after re-homing. You must respect their decision.

LOVEPAWS does not obtain ownership or responsibility of your pet(s) during any time of the re-homing process.